Annual Leave

Annual leave is paid time off granted to RFCUNY eligible employees for the purpose of vacation, personal business, and family illness or other family emergencies, religious holidays, days of special observance, etc. All RFCUNY employees are eligible to accrue annual leave with the exception of:

  • Part-time Instructors- Employees working on a Part-time basis under the titles: RFCUNY Grants Sponsored Instructor or RFCUNY Grants Sponsored Teacher.
  • On Call, Temporary, Seasonal, and Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs).

Full and Part-time employees begin accruing annual leave from the first day of employment.

The accrual of annual leave is based on the years of service with the RFCUNY as well as the hours an employee works. Annual leave accruals are not earned on Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) hours.

Employees must take all accrued annual leave prior to their appointment end date unless other arrangements are made for its use or payment. The maximum amount of annual leave an employee is permitted to carry over into the new calendar year is 175 hours. 

Other Considerations

The Time and Leave system allows employees to view and manage annual leave accrual details as it relates to time earned, charged, and balances. Employees may view and manage annual leave accruals through the Time and Leave system in two ways:

  • Employee Timesheet Header:
    • Indicates the remaining work hours and the remaining annual hours for the appointment.
    • The number of remaining work hours on the appointment include regular, sick, unscheduled holidays and other hours.
    • The remaining annual hours on the appointment includes accrued hours and a projection of hours to be earned by the end of the appointment.

Employees must use the remaining annual hours by the end of the appointment period indicated in the timesheet header.

  • Time and Leave/View Accruals Tab:
    • Indicates the current balance, accrued time, and charges for annual leave, sick leave and unscheduled holidays.

Charging Annual Leave

The minimum unit of time charged against annual leave is one hour with additional leave charged in multiples of one-quarter hour. Charges of less than one-quarter hour are permitted on the last timesheet of the appointment. Authorized holidays that fall within a Full-time employee’s authorized annual leave will not be charged against annual leave. If a physician’s or hospital certificate supports a report of illness during an employee’s authorized annual leave, those days of illness may be converted to sick leave.

Scheduling Annual Leave

Within 30 days of the start date of an employee's appointment or re-appointment, an employee and their Project Director should schedule the annual leave an employee will take, if entitled, during the appointment or re-appointment period. All annual leave must be approved in advance and in writing by an employee's Project Director.

Accrued Annual Leave at Termination

Annual leave earned during an appointment period must be used during the appointment where it was earned. In cases where the appointment ends with an annual leave balance, a payout must be processed. Payouts must be authorized in advance by the Program Director or Human Resources.

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