Supplemental Funding Opportunities on Existing Grants

Principal investigators (PIs) with existing National Science Foundation or National Institutes of Health funded projects may request supplemental funding from these organizations.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

NSF program officers may approve up to 20% of the award amount of an existing NSF grant without a request for outside review (only internal NSF review is needed). A PI should discuss supplemental funding with their NSF program officer prior to submitting a request. Requests may be submitted anytime during the fiscal year.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Administrative supplemental funds are available to cover the cost of necessary items unanticipated at the time an original application was submitted. The requested award budget cannot exceed $150,000 in direct costs, must be completed within the approved project period of the parent award, and stay within the original Council-approved scope of the parent award. PIs are encouraged to discuss eligibility for administrative supplemental funds with their NIH program officer.


Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support

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