Life and Accidental Death Insurance

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance is an employer-paid benefit (at no cost to the employee or payroll deduction) available to full-time employees. RFCUNY automatically enrolls all full-time employees for this benefit and coverage under the policy takes effect on the first day of the month after an employee’s hire date. The Life and AD&D plan is administered by Guardian Group Life Insurance Company. 

The amount of life insurance an employee receives is a fixed sum based on an employee’s annual salary. Employees cannot purchase additional coverage as part of this insurance policy.

Coverage remains active for the duration of an employee’s full-time status. Coverage may end for reasons such as disability, retirement, layoff, resignation, or end of appointment. If coverage ends, an employee has 31 days from their last day worked to apply for and enroll in a Group Life Insurance Conversion to continue coverage.

Other Considerations

An employee may designate one or more life insurance beneficiaries through My Payroll and Benefits. The name(s) of the primary and contingent beneficiaries and their social security numbers are required. If the designated beneficiary is an organization or an estate, a Tax ID number or IRS Employer ID number may be used to enroll. Beneficiaries can be updated at any time.

To file a claim, the beneficiary must contact the Senior Benefits Manager at the Research Foundation’s Human Resources department.

An original death certificate must be presented with all claims.

Essential Forms

Life Insurance Benefits Forms


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