Workers' Compensation

The Hartford underwrites the RF’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. The coverage is worldwide and meant for those RF employees working in the USA, abroad on a foreign assignment, and/or traveling overseas on business.

Workers’ compensation insurance (WC) is a statutory state-regulated employment benefit that offers coverage if an employee becomes injured or ill in the course of their employment. Workers’ compensation provides for medical care, rehabilitation, and lost wages due to an on-the-job injury or illness.

If an employee is injured at work, an HR administrator at the institution where the injury took place will complete the Notice of Injury Form. This form should include any doctor’s notes received for whole days taken related to the time -lost injury or illness as well as a copy of the employee’s job description. These documents are then passed on to the RF Leaves Management Administrator.

Once the Notice of Injury Report is sent to the insurance company, the insurer will assign the employee a Workers’ Compensation claim number. The employee must refer to the claim number when seeking medical attention. No out-of-pocket payment for medical services should be required of an employee seeking such services. An employee will receive a letter from the RFCUNY’s Workers’ Compensation carrier providing him with instructions on how to submit claims for medical services incurred as a result of their job-related injury or sickness.

International Business Trips:

If an RF employee becomes injured or sick while working on foreign assignments or while traveling abroad on RF business, he/she should first seek assistance through The Hartford’s Foreign Travel Support Services provider, Global Guardian. (See the section below and attachments for further plan details.)

When submitting a WC claim, the individual must provide the following information to the overseas provider and to the Hartford:

  • Policy Holder Name
  • Policy Number
  • Type of Loss
  • Date of Event
  • Description of Loss
  • Insured contact name and details (phone, email, etc.)

International Voluntary Worker's Compensation Policy Europ Assistance

Individuals traveling internationally on RF business and acting within the scope of their employment duties are entitled to access Global Guardian international travel support services if necessary. Global Guardian’s services are made available via the RF’s Foreign Package insurance policy underwritten by The Hartford. See attached forms for details of the services furnished by Global Guardian.

Global Guardian (GG) maintains 24/7 operations center available by phone or online worldwide. RF business travelers may use the GG website to gather current information about the countries that they wish to visit. In an emergency, an RF traveler can call the Global Guardian operations center (888-472-0735) to request direct support for a medical or personal emergency. The call center operator will activate a vetted, local English-speaking team to assist with such things as arranging for emergency medical attention or helping you to replace a stolen passport. Global Guardian can provide you with emergency advances of up to $1,000 USD if necessary.

The traveler should create an account with Global Guardian before departing on an international trip. Go to to set up your account, get up-to-date travel information, and to print out your Hartford Membership Card. The card will provide you with a quick reference as to the operation centers contact information: Tel. 888-472-0735, Email:, Policy Plan Number: 5970

Global Guardian Services Include:

Medical Assistance Services

  • Medical search and referral and hospital admissions support
  • Medical monitoring
  • Emergency evacuation/ medically necessary repatriation
  • Return of dependent children
  • Return of traveling companion
  • Visit by family member or friend
  • Return of vehicle
  • Return of pet
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
Personal Assistance Services
  • Pre-trip assistance information
  • Replacement of eyeglasses
  • Emergency medication
  • Emergency travel arrangements
  • Trip interruption
  • Lost item search
  • Emergency message relay
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Law-related services
  • Translation services
Security Assistance Services
  • Emergency political, security, or natural disaster repatriation and relocation
Travel Risk Portal
  • Member portal that provides destination travel risk intelligence, alerts, and useful travel tools.

CUNY Personnel:

CUNY International Travel Guidelines require CUNY faculty and students to register for all international trips and to insure them through the CUNY Foreign Travel Office. Click on the following link to learn all about it:

For international travel questions, please email the CUNY Study Abroad Office at:

Essential Forms

Disability & Leaves of Absence Forms

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