Conducting Employee Performance Appraisals

RFCUNY strongly encourages supervisors to conduct performance evaluations/appraisals on a regular basis (at least annually). Appraisals provide a fair, consistent, and uniform way to gauge and improve each employee’s on-the-job performance based on a balance of subjective and objective job-related criteria.

Appraisals are an important management tool that provide critical feedback to employees regarding their job performance and career growth. This information allows under-performing staff the opportunity to identify skills gaps and improve their performance, while high-performing employees can define and pursue new challenges in their roles. During an appraisal employees also have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns, and raise ideas with supervisory staff.

RFCUNY provides performance appraisal templates for the evaluation of employees based on their classification as either exempt (including managerial and supervisory employees) or non-exempt (including non-supervisory and/or unionized employees). For assistance, contact RFCUNY’s Division of Labor & Employment Relations.

Essential Forms

Performance Appraisal Forms


Mohammad Elayan
Human Resources

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