Account Establishment

All requests for sponsored account establishment submitted to the Grants and Contracts department should include a completed Account Establishment Form. This form will help to ensure that key account information attributes are complete and accurate. Such key attributes to include identification of: Award Purpose, Cost Sharing and Federal pass-through and CFDA number of sponsored projects.

In instances where the Account Establishment Form is first initiated by the Grants and Contracts department; the form will be partially completed by Grants and Contracts staff prior to submission to the campus Grants Office for completion.

For account establishment for funds not derived from sponsored-program funding (for CUNY’s non-profit organizations such as foundations, associations), the Grant Award Agreement must be completed and signed by an authorized official of the CUNY non-profit entity (as award sponsor). For more information, please click RF CUNY - RF Grant Award Agreements

For account establishment for funds from CUNY Misc/Various Private Sponsors’ Project, please include a completed Funds Identification Form. This procedure is necessary to identify the source of funding and to distinguish such programs from external sponsored awards administered by the RF. The identification of the source of funding is critical for the RF to fulfill its stewardship role in post award administration and related sponsor compliance and reporting functions.

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