The Research Foundation of CUNY offers authorized users access to Web Reports and various E-Systems through our website to manage sponsor programs and CUNY funds. Our web-based systems allow appropriate parties to review expenses against their programs and approve personnel and procurement activity. Systems include, but are not limited to, E-PAF (Personnel Action Form), E-Timesheets, E-Payment Request, and Summer Salary. Internal controls have been established to help ensure that only authorized parties can perform such functions. Controls include unique IDs and passwords, which should not be shared. Access to any RFCUNY account should only be granted on an as-needed basis and limited to rights required for employees to perform their duties. Access rights may allow users access to all college accounts or selected projects.

College Access

Access to all college accounts is generally limited to Grant Officers and their designees. College access may also occasionally be assigned to other high-level positions at the college, but only on a limited and as-needed basis with the knowledge of the Grant Officer. Access to all college accounts is designated with the following levels:

  • Grant Officer (GO) – Access to all accounts at a specific college. Grant Officers require this level of access to work with Principal Investigators at their college. Grant Officers focus on pre-award activity, but also may assist with report submission, regulatory compliance, and adherence to sponsor policies.
  • Assistant Grant Officer (AGO) – Similar to GO access, AGO user designation also has access to all accounts at a specific college. AGO access is delegated by Grant Officers to staff within the Grant Office. AGOs have more limited access to reports than GOs. Grant Officers may further restrict AGO access by limiting the rights of their staff to designated E-Systems and approval levels consistent with their duties and responsibilities.

Selected Project Access

Access to specific programs is limited to Principal Investigators and their designees. Program access is utilized to run the day-to-day operations of the program, which include, but are not limited to hiring, timekeeping, procurement, and certification of faculty effort. Access to specific program accounts is designated with the following levels:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) – The Principal Investigator (PI) is the key person with primary responsibility for technical compliance, completion of programmatic work, and fiscal stewardship of sponsor funds. PIs are the individuals designated by the applicant organization to have the appropriate level of authority and responsibility to direct the project and support the award.
  • Authorized Signatory (AS) – Similar to PI access, Authorized Signatory access is generally granted by the PI, where applicable, to managers, supervisors, and other faculty to approve and execute transactions on behalf of the project. PIs may further restrict access by limiting rights to designated E-Systems and approval levels consistent with the Authorized Signatory’s duties and responsibilities. AS also has more limited access to some systems, such as Summer Salary.
  • General Staff (Non-PI) – This designation is generally used for more limited access to our systems. General Staff access is often given to a timekeeper or an administrator to submit timesheets or procurement support for PI approval. This designation also allows, as appropriate, the approval of E-Timesheets and E-PAFs. However, it only allows the preparation of E-Payment Requests. Some systems, such as Summer Salary, cannot be accessed with this user designation.

Access Levels for Selected E-Systems

Once College Access or Selected Project Access has been assigned, users with authority may assign various levels of access for the selected following E-Systems:

  • Web Reports – Ledger and detailed transactions for a specific project.
  • E-PAF (Personnel Action Form) – Encumbers employee wages.
  • E-Timesheet – Electronic timesheet utilized to track employee time and attendance as well as leave balances. Hours worked and leave charged are reported to payroll bi-weekly.
  • E-Payment Request – Payment requests for procurement (OTPS) expenses.

Users may be granted or declined the ability to view Web Reports. Access to E-PAF, E-Timesheet, and E-Payment Request may be declined or granted as either a preparer or an approver.

Access Levels Available for Each System


Yes or No

No Access



Web Reports















Payment Request





Note: Approver access for Payment Request is not available for General Staff (Non-PI) level access. 


While an infrequent occurrence, volunteers who are neither CUNY nor RFCUNY employees, should not have access higher than General Staff with preparer access. They may also be able to view web reports as appropriate. Volunteers should meet sponsor, CUNY, and RFCUNY requirements. The college is responsible to identify volunteers when access is requested.

Who May Request Access to Web Reports and E-Systems?

Access to RFCUNY web reports and E-Systems may be requested by the Grant Officer, Principal Investigator, or their designees. If a designee requests access, the appropriate Grant Officer, or Principal Investigator should also be notified of such a request by email, except in special circumstances approved by the Grants & Contracts Department. Principal Investigators and their designees may not request College Access. All-access requests may only be for appropriate purposes such as a sponsor or CUNY business.  Requests for access to web reports and E-Systems should be emailed to and will be answered by Grants & Contracts system administrators. Requests for access to specific RFCUNY project accounts should also be copied to the PA/APA team of the account.

Change in Status

Grant Officers and Principal Investigators are responsible to notify Grants & Contracts in a timely manner through whenever they become aware that a user has changed status, which may include separation from service or change of duties.  

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