The Research Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Foundation") is committed to providing a workplace in which the threat or use of weapons or violence will not be tolerated or excused. The workplace should be a safe environment. The purpose of this policy is to restrict the presence of weapons, to prohibit the verbal threat of the use of weapons, intimidation or violence in the workplace and to minimize the risk of injury or harm resulting from violence to Foundation employees, visitors or property.


This policy is applicable to all Foundation employees, visitors and Foundation premises.


Weapons Defined: Firearms or other dangerous objects shall include, at a minimum:

  • Pistols, revolvers, shotguns,rifles, pellet guns and any replica or other item that simulates any of these items
  • Knives not necessary for the performance of work duties
  • Explosive devices of any kind

Workplace Defined: "Workplace" means any location which is owned, rented, occupied, used or leased by the Foundation including leased sites, rented or leased vehicles, parking garages, warehouses, and storage facilities.

Firearm Defined: A "firearm" is any device designed to expel a projectile by means of an explosion and subsequent expanding gases.

Knife Defined: " knife" means any fixed-blade knife, spring blade knife, any knife which opens or  is ejected open in an outward, downward or thrust movement or any knife, regardless of its type not used in the performance of one's duties.

This list was derived in consultation with the Foundation's insurance carrier, United Educator's, and following a review of policies at other institutions.


Foundation employees, other than those exempted below, shall not possess firearms or any other weapons of any type in the Foundation workplace, Foundation vehicles or facilities owned and/or managed by the Foundation or at any Foundation sponsored events.  This prohibition applies whether or not an individual possesses a valid concealed weapons permit authorized by the State of New York, the City of New York or any other authorized permitting agency.  In addition, any other related object carried for the purpose of injuring or intimidating others is not permitted in the workplace.

Foundation employees are prohibited from engaging in any violent behavior towards others.  Any physical, verbal, written or visual act (with or without a weapon) that threatens, attempts to intimidate, creates fear and/or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment is prohibited. This includes aggressive or hostile behavior, intentionally damaging property, and committing acts motivated by, or related to, workplace harassment.

Anyone possessing a weapon other than those in the exception categories will be asked to remove them from the premises immediately. They may also be subject to arrest and/or disciplinary action, including suspension or termination. The Foundation maintains a zero tolerance standard for any violence in the workplace and anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action as applicable to Foundation employees, including suspension and termination.


This policy as it pertains to weapons possession on Foundation premises does not apply to:

  • (law enforcement personnel) peace officers;
  • any official security personnel engaged in official duties, who are named as security personnel by the Foundation and are authorized to be armed for the performance of their duties;
  • any person engaged in military activities sponsored by the federal or state government, while engaged in official duties.


This policy will be effective immediately.

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