Child Care Leave

Child Care Leave is unpaid leave granted to an RFCUNY employee for a period of up to six months from an infant's date of birth. This type of leave may include sick leave for the period of a certified disability and/or annual leave. If the employee is eligible, a claim for Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Paid Family Leave, or Short-term Disability (for maternity) should also be filed. Child Care Leave may not extend beyond the expected termination date of the sponsored project or Personnel Action Form.

To be granted Child Care Leave, an employee must have legal responsibility for the care and/or support of the child, have been employed full-time by RFCUNY for at least one year before the requested leave, and apply in writing to the project director.

While an employee is on Child Care Leave with pay (i.e. employee has sick leave, annual leave, or unscheduled holiday accruals), timesheets must be submitted charging the time against the accumulated leave balances. An employee may continue to be on Leave with Pay (LWP) until all permissible time and leave accruals are fully exhausted. An employee will be placed on Leave without Pay (LWOP) for the remainder of their leave or until the end of their appointment.


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