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The Event Payment system allows RFCUNY to accept credit/debit card payments on behalf of CUNY for donations or the purchase of goods and services (i.e., books, workshops, conferences, etc.). In the system, items for purchase are set up as an “event” and the payee may purchase and pay for events with a credit or debit card. Event Payment interfaces with the JP Morgan Chase Paymentus system to ensure all credit and debit card transactions are processed securely. The system accepts payments at a fixed rate, tiered or variable denominations. All payments include a JP Morgan Chase Paymentus credit/debit card convenience fee of 2.99%. 

A principal investigator (PI) may request a new “event” by completing and submitting an event management application. When an event is set up, the PI must inform and direct their purchasers to the Event Payment system link. All credit card payments for an event are credited monthly to the RFCUNY project number indicated on an Event Management application. A report that details and supports credit card payments/receipts is generated and distributed to the PI.

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