The Research Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for all sponsored-program funding for units of The City University of New York.  The RF is not, however, the fiscal agent for CUNY’s non-profit organizations (such as foundations, associations).  Nevertheless, funds from these entities, not derived from sponsored-program funding, are occasionally sent to the RF for administration.

In an effort to develop formal agreements with these CUNY non-profit entities that provide a basis for acceptance and administration of such funds, as well as to protect both the CUNY entities and the RF, a Grant Award Agreement is required for all RF accounts that are created and funded by a CUNY non-profit entity.  This Grant Award Agreement permits the RF to accept funds in accordance with its charter and consistent with the 1983 agreement with CUNY that designates the RF as fiscal agent for all sponsored programs.


The following information is required on the Grant Award Agreement:

Grantor: The official name of the CUNY non-profit entity
Amount:   The total dollar amount of the grant
CUNY Unit:  College or professional school name
Purpose of Grant:

Detailed explanation of the purposes and use of the funds

(Example:  To pay staff salaries of the non-credit financial literacy workshops within the Continuing Education department.)    

Term of Grant:   Start and end date of the grant

The Grant Award Agreement must be completed and signed by an authorized official of the CUNY non-profit entity (as award sponsor).  The college Grants Officer (or other college official) must also sign the Grant Award Agreement and then send it to the Grants & Contracts department (PA/APA team or to the Private Programs Group Manager) for processing. 

A detailed budget and the underlying award documents must be submitted with all Grant Award Agreements.  The RF reserves the right to reject any Grant Award Agreement incompatible with its operations.  The Grant Award Agreement is not a mechanism to circumvent the requirements that all grants and contracts be administered by the RF or to split any grants and contracts between the RF and a college non-profit affiliate.    

Once the Grant Award Agreement is executed, subsequent changes to the grant amount or the grant purpose must be processed as an amendment, using the same Grant Award Agreement form, and all documents, including a detailed budget and the underlying award documents, must be submitted to the Grants & Contracts department for processing.  No-cost extensions must be approved by the Grantor/CUNY non-profit entity and submitted to the Grants & Contracts department via email.

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