Health Advocate & Employee Assistance Program

The Health Advocate & Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all RFCUNY retirees, Full-time and Part-time A employees, and their dependents, parents and parents-in-law. Health Advocate is one of the nation's leading healthcare advocacy and employee assistance programs offering two valuable services. The Healthcare Help Service features personalized help to resolve clinical and insurance-related issues. The EAP+Work/Life Program offers short-term counseling and support for personal, family, and work issues.

There is unlimited access to a highly trained Personal Health Advocate (PHA), to help the individual navigate the healthcare and insurance systems efficiently. PHA helps members find the right providers, negotiates fees on uncovered medical bills, locates second opinions, provides cost comparisons for medical procedures, and more. 

A licensed EAP professional provides short-term counseling by phone or email to help the individual better cope with personal, family, and work issues. A Work/Life specialist may assist in locating the right support services, from childcare and eldercare, to legal assistance.

Health Advocate does not provide health insurance, medical coverage or otherwise substitute for health insurance coverage. Health Advocate may be reached 24/7 by calling 866-799-2728. They ensure all personal information is kept confidential.

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