Payments to CUNY Employees

The Research Foundation, CUNY, in consultation with The City University of New York (CUNY), established guidelines consistent with Federal and State regulations and the University’s and RFCUNY’s policies for allowable compensation that can be paid to the University and/or CUNY faculty and staff from sponsored projects awarded to the University and administered by RFCUNY. The memorandum, Guidance on Payment for CUNY Full-Time, Adjunct Faculty, and Full-Time Non-Faculty Employees, addresses sponsored funding for:

  • Full-Time faculty Reassigned/Released Time Overload
  • Full-Time faculty summer months work
  • Full-Time faculty fellowship and other leaves
  • Adjuncts
  • Full-Time CUNY non-faculty employees
  • Honoraria, stipend and other miscellaneous payments

The memorandum formulates and provides guidance on the proper RFCUNY procedures with respect to requests for payments to CUNY employees (i.e. Full-Time Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Higher Education Officers, Research Associates, Research Assistants, and members of the Executive Compensation Plan) based on the Uniform Guidance: Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards in the Federal Register as well as other laws and regulations applicable to CUNY and RFCUNY.

Other Considerations

The memorandum is intended to reinforce federal and other applicable cost principles that govern externally funded programs as well as to manage risks pertaining to dual employment in connection with effort reporting, time and attendance record keeping, and salary rate certification.

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