Annual Leave FAQs

Annual leave accrues based on hours entered and paid on the timesheet. The rate at which an employee accrues annual leave depends on the years of service. Annual leave is not earned on hours worked over 70 hours in a pay period and is not earned on Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) hours.

To schedule annual leave, the employee should submit a request in writing to his/her supervisor. Annual leave must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor. Employees must meet with their supervisor shortly after the start of their appointment to plan the use of the annual leave they are projected to earn throughout their appointment period.

Yes, with the authorization of the supervisor an employee may be allowed to use their projected annual leave in advance. However, if an employee does not work enough hours to make up the advanced leave, the employee will be responsible for refunding the project for the time advanced.

Projected annual leave is the annual leave balance an employee is expected to accrue for the duration of their appointment. The annual leave projection calculation is based on an employee’s annual leave accrual rate, biweekly work schedule, and the length of the appointment.

Annual leave accrual details can be accessed through the Time and Leave system. There are two ways to access annual leave accrual details.

  • Employee Timesheet Header:
    • Indicates the remaining work hours and the remaining annual hours for the appointment.
    • The number of remaining work hours on the appointment include regular, sick, unscheduled holidays and other hours.
    • The remaining annual hours on the appointment includes accrued hours and a projection of hours to be earned by the end of the appointment.
  • Time and Leave/View Accruals Tab:
    • Indicates the current balance, accrued time, and charges for annual leave, sick leave and unscheduled holidays.

Annual leave must be used before the end of an employee’s appointment period. For example, if an employee has an appointment period of 1/1/2017 - 6/30/2017, the annual leave must be used before 6/30/2017.

There is also an end of calendar year limit; no more than 175 hours (25 days) of annual leave (including annual leave segregated as accrued reserve) may be carried over from one calendar year to the next.       

Employees are required to use the annual leave earned during their appointment by the end of their appointment period. If for any reason the employee or the supervisor foresees that the annual leave hours will not be used, arrangements must be made in writing for a payout of accrued and unused annual leave. The payout of annual leave must be approved in advance by the project director or by Human Resources.

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