Disability Benefits

Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability is a benefit available to all RFCUNY employees. Short Term Disability provides income support in the event of a temporary disability, medical illness, or injury unrelated to the workplace lasting six or more consecutive days. Employees are covered under the Hartford short term disability policy up to 26 weeks. Full-time employees are covered under the policy after 30 days of employment. Part-time employees are covered after the completion of 20 scheduled workdays. Short Term Disability administered and paid in whole by the Research Foundation (no cost to the employee or payroll deduction).

Short Term Disability claims should be completed within fifteen (15) days after an employee becomes sick or disabled in order to use sick leave in excess of 5 consecutive days, and no later than thirty (30 days). 

The duration of the approved disability period may vary based upon condition, but shall not exceed 26 weeks. To return to work after a disability period or medical leave of absence, a written physician’s release (fitness for duty notice) is required. This release must include any restrictions or limitations that may affect performing job duties. A fitness for duty notice is not required for maternity leaves.

New York State Short Term Disability allows for a maximum disability payment of $170 per week. Accrued sick leave balance may be charged during disability period in order to receive full salary.

Applying for Short Term Disability

When applying for leave, an employee must request leave with their supervisor, complete the Notice and Proof of Claim for Disability Benefits (Form DB-450), and if eligible, complete a Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition – Family Medical Leave Act (Form WH-380E). A physician must certify that an employee has a continuous, incapacitating serious health condition. Harford may require additional information from the applicant and/or physician to process the claim.

For disability leave, the sick and annual leave time balances at the time of disability will be reviewed. The balance of time will determine whether the requested leave will be a paid or unpaid leave of absence.

Once the type of leave is determined, the employee must complete the leave request forms and obtain any required supporting documentation. Forms must be submitted to the employee’s physician for completion. Medical certification must be completed, signed, and submitted within 15 days.

On the Notice and Proof of Claim for Disability Benefits form, the Employee’s Statement must be completed by the employee (or claimant). If the employee is unable, a designated individual may complete the statement on the employee’s behalf. That assigned individual will need to provide their name, address, and relationship to the employee. Forms must be submitted to the Research Foundation Office of Human Resources, Leaves Management Administrator. Confirmation will be sent to the employee when the form is received and submitted for processing.

Long Term Disability

Full-time employees with disabilities extending beyond 26 weeks are eligible for Long Term Disability insurance. Prudential Insurance Company long term disability is available to Full-time employees effective the first day of the month following the completion of a year of service from the date of hire. Long Term Disability benefits provide 60% of the earnings at the time of initial disability in addition to employer contributions made to the defined contribution pension retirement plan. The maximum duration of the Long Term Disability coverage varies by condition and age at the time of initial disability.

Long term Disability is administered by and paid in whole by RFCUNY (no cost to the employee or payroll deduction). Applying for Long Term Disability benefits requires a 180-day waiting period from the date of the initial disability. After the waiting period known (or elimination period) is satisfied, a Long Term Disability claim form must be completed. Upon completion, the employee statement and physician statement will be returned to RFCUNY. The employee will be notified in writing after a determination is reached.

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