Government Mandated Benefits (Statutory Benefits)

Statutory Benefits are available to all employees regardless of employment status or length of employment. In addition to the New York State Short Term Disability benefit, statutory benefits include Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and Workers Compensation.

Social Security

The Social Security Administration requires taxes to be deducted from an employee's earnings in order to provide for the material needs of individuals, families, aged and disabled persons for retirement and/or for expenses of illnesses that may otherwise exhaust their savings. Social Security benefits may be claimed at the time of retirement or a permanent disability.

Unemployment Insurance

Federal State Unemployment Insurance provides unemployment benefits to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

Domestic and International Workers' Compensation

  • Domestic Workers' Compensation Coverage- If an employee becomes injured or ill in the course of their employment, the state-regulated employment benefit, Workers Compensation insurance, offers coverage. Filing a claim requires completing and returning a Notice of Injury form to the employee’s designated Human Resources representative. The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board makes the determination of the claim.
  • International Workers’ Compensation Coverage- Frontier MEDEX is available to serve as the initial point of contact for all RFCUNY employees who need medical attention while traveling overseas on business. (This policy ONLY covers employees who are active on RFCUNY payroll. This does not apply to individuals not on payroll, but participating on an RFCUNY sponsored trip).

Essential Forms

Disability and Leaves of Absence Forms


HR Information Line


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