Procuring Research Animals & Chemical Substances

Purchasing Animals

Government regulations indicate that research animal purchases require the completion of an Animal Purchase Approval form. In addition, the use of animals for sponsored research purposes requires prior written approval of the college’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Prior to ordering animals, a principal investigator (PI) must complete the Animal Purchase Approval form (RF-211) and obtain approval from the designated Animal Facilities office. The completed form and approval letter must then be submitted to RFCUNY’s Payment Request email with an invoice or a Purchase Requisition for processing by RFCUNY.

A Purchase Card (P-Card) may not be used to initiate an animal purchase with a vendor.

Chemical Substances

A PI who utilizes chemical substances for a sponsored research project is required to have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS or Safety Data Sheet) readily available to respond to an employee’s request for information (MSDS are available through the vendor). MSDS communicate the dangers of hazardous chemical products and are intended for:

  • Employees who may be occupationally exposed to a hazard at work.
  • Employers who need to know the proper methods for storage, safe use, and so forth.
  • Emergency responders such as fire fighters, hazardous material crews, emergency medical technicians, and emergency room personnel.

A PI must comply with the New York State Right-To-Know Law regarding chemical substances in the workplace.

When purchasing a chemical substance, select the check box on the Small Order form, the Purchase Requisition form, and the Purchase Order form to have the vendor send the appropriate MSDS for the chemicals ordered. Contact Procurement & Payables if there is difficulty in obtaining MSDS from a vendor.

If MSDS are sent with an order, forward immediately to the college’s Occupational Safety and Health Office.

Essential Forms

Purchasing Forms

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