Award Pre-Proposal Support (APPS)

RFCUNY offers CUNY faculty, graduate and doctoral students assistance in identifying and obtaining extramural funding to support their research, education, training, curriculum development and other related activities. One-on-one proposal consultations, grant-writing workshops and related webinars are available through RFCUNY’s Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support (APPS).

Consulting with APPS

Consultations are intended to assist with proposal development, help faculty identify sources of funding support, and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas fluidly in an informal setting. A draft proposal or summary should be made available to APPS in advance of a consultation. Appointments may be scheduled by emailing APPS.

APPS Webinars/Forums

These are designed for faculty interested in learning more about the proposal development process and to explore specific grant opportunities within the federal and non-federal organizations. These events help faculty sharpen skills, meet leaders in their field of study, develop new partnerships, and strengthen existing ones.   

Proposal Peer Review

RFCUNY’s Proposal Peer Review Program provides the opportunity to have draft proposals evaluated by CUNY faculty and/or non-CUNY faculty. The program identifies both weaknesses and strengths, as well as providing suggestions for improvement before submission to the funding organization.

Search for External Funding

Resources and databases for identifying award funding opportunities including Pivot-RP, GrantForward and

Faculty Travel for Grant Development Program

The Faculty Travel for Grant Development Program financially supports out-of-town travel so that CUNY faculty can further pursue the development of their grant proposals.  The Program supports meetings with program officers or with established collaborators.  

Documents Needed for Proposal Submissions 


Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support

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