Internal Audits

Audits are conducted to evaluate internal controls, determine compliance with established policies and procedures, and evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of operations. RFCUNY’s Office of Internal Audit performs audits on financial, operational, compliance, strategic, and reputation risks. The necessity to conduct audits originates from annual risk-based audit plans and requests from RFCUNY’s Audit Committee, RFCUNY’s President, and department management.

The Office of Internal Audit is also responsible for:

  • Auditing controls over information systems, which have company-wide financial and operational impact;
  • Conducting investigations of theft, fraud, and other financially inappropriate conduct;
  • Addressing complaints reported to the Whistleblower Hotline; and
  • Coordinating sponsor financial audits.

Other Considerations

All RFCUNY employees are required to cooperate fully with audits and investigations and to provide all requested documentation timely.


Marvin Lau
Office of Internal Audit

Mariya Munarova
Office of Internal Audit

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