Forward funding refers to the process by which college-generated expenses for a sponsored project are paid by the Research Foundation prior to the receipt of funds by the Research Foundation from the project sponsor. The purpose of forward funding is to facilitate college-sponsored research and training programs by minimizing the disruption of this activity due to delayed sponsor funding.  The Research Foundation forward funding policy applies to:

  1. Fully executed (signed) grants and contracts, and
  2. Grants, contracts and renewals that are awarded with a known start date and budget but have not yet been executed.


RF forward funding can only be used for personnel costs, as we want to ensure that all Research Foundation employees that are working on sponsored programs are paid timely even when sponsor funding is delayed.  Research Foundation forward funding is not available for equipment awards, college funded/discretionary accounts, or the following expense categories on sponsored projects:

  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Subcontracts
  • OTPS expenses
  • Summer salary
  • Released time
  • Indirect costs

Requests for forward funding must be submitted by authorized personnel at the college using the Forward Funding Request Form.  All requests must be supported with a detailed budget and award notice and sent to the respective Project Administrator (in the Grants & Contracts department) for processing.  The Research Foundation reserves the right to deny forward funding requests, at its discretion.

If the grants, contracts or renewals are not funded by the sponsors or if conditions of the award cause disallowances, the Research Foundation is authorized to re-coup all costs by charging the college's Facilities and Administrative Recovery account or other discretionary college accounts administered by the Research Foundation.

All outstanding forward funding balances on expired accounts will be cleared by charging the college’s Facilities and Administrative Recovery account or other discretionary college account, within 30 days of the project’s end date.

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