Disablity Benefits FAQs

There is a seven-day waiting period from the date an employee is unable to work until the New York State benefit begins.

When an employee exhausts their sick leave accrual during a period of approved Short Term Disability, the employee will receive payments directly from Hartford Insurance Group (RFCUNY’s Short Term Disability insurance carrier). The Short Term Disability benefit is 50 percent of a claimant’s average weekly wage, but no more than the maximum $170.00 per week. The average weekly wage is based on the last eight weeks of employment. 

If an employee is eligible for Family Leave Medical Act (FMLA), their health insurance will be maintained for 12 weeks. If an employee is charging accrued sick leave, annual leave, or unscheduled holidays towards their Short Term Disability, RFCUNY will continue to provide benefits during the employee’s disability period.

To return to work from medical leave of absence, the employee must obtain a note from their doctor releasing the employee to return to work. The doctor’s note should include a return to work date to full duty or detailed restrictions, if applicable. The employee must notify their supervisor of their return to work date. The employee must present the signed doctor’s signed note to their supervisor on their first day back to work and forward a copy to the Leaves Management Administrator in Human Resources.

A supervisor may require a doctor’s note under certain circumstances. The Leaves Management Administrator of Human Resources can provide more information.

While an employee is on leave with pay, timesheets must be submitted using the employee's sick leave accruals that were accumulated on the employee’s current electronic Personnel Action Form appointment. If the employee exhausts their sick leave accruals, the annual leave accrual should be used. The employee will continue to be on leave with pay until all time and leave accruals are fully exhausted. After that time the employee will be placed on Leave without Pay (LWOP) for the remainder of their leave or until the end of their appointment.

Full-time employees who have been on short term disability for 26 weeks are eligible for long term disability benefits.

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