New System: Introducing the RF Dashboard

Published on: 02/16/2024

New Year, New System: Introducing the RF Dashboard

The first of its kind at the RF, the RF Dashboard is a new managerial tool for users to track their current tasks, easily access frequently requested information, and view items requiring a user’s immediate attention- all in one convenient place. Please see President Cordero-Guzman’s message.

The RF Dashboard provides a high-level view to help campus-based users monitor and analyze information relevant to their projects. The tool’s initial offering consolidates data from Human Resources (HR), specifically Payroll and Leave, and Award Management, and presents it in a concise format, like a snapshot. The tool’s widgets are only available to users with specific e-system access including Project staff, Principal Investigators, Project Directors, Assistant Grants Officers, Grants Officers, and other authorized RF account users.  For example, users with an RF account and timesheet access can see the timesheet widget, but RF account users without access to timesheets cannot.

To access the Dashboard, an authorized user would log on to their profile on the RF website, go to the Electronic Tools menu and select RF Dashboard.  To learn more, please watch the video tutorial provided on the RF website under training resources.


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