Published on: 10/27/2020

Step-by-Step Instructions for e-W2 Enrollment

  1. Visit
  2. Log in by entering: 
       - Employer Code 13138
  3. Choose “Register Now” and follow the prompts.
  4. Continue through the verification process. You will be prompted to choose a delivery method (email, text, or phone call)  for a one-time passcode that completes the verification process.

If the system is unable to verify your identity and you have recently moved; try putting in your old address. You can update your profile to reflect the new address once you are in the system. If you cannot be verified by the system, Email with ‘e-W2 Verification Issue’ in the subject line. Describe your issue, provide your Employee ID and contact information.

  1. Upon successful identity verification and login, you will be asked to create a personalized User ID and password.
  2. Under Online Delivery Consent mark the checkbox for the tax form you wish to be delivered electronically.
  3. Select “Give online consent.”
  4. Read the disclosure and mark the checkbox to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the online tax form delivery terms.
  5. Select “Accept & Continue.”
  6. Select the correct email address and mailing address—then select “Confirm & Submit".
  7. After the information is confirmed, you will be presented with a receipt page confirming your consent for electronic tax form delivery.
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