Post-Award PSC-CUNY Research Program

Award Expenditures

RFCUNY will honor all allowable project expenditures dated within the grant period. Expenses dated outside the budget period will not be accepted. Service periods or access periods must fall within, and should not exceed, the grant period to receive full reimbursement. A PI has 90 days after the grant ends to submit all project expenses. Any costs submitted after 90 days will become the responsibility of a project’s PI.

A PI is expected to incur expenses in the name of RFCUNY only within the limit of the funds available to the project and for the purposes specified in the original budget. Any commitment made by the PI resulting in an overdraft will be the PI's personal responsibility and obligation to reimburse RFCUNY.


The PSC-CUNY Research Award Program advances funds to a PI for travel and subject/participant payment only. Advanced funds cannot exceed 80% of the amount awarded for the respective budget category and must be accounted for with appropriate receipts. To receive an advance for subject/participant payment, submit a completed petty cash fund request form through the E-Payment system.

Travel advance forms must be submitted to RFCUNY at least three weeks prior to the travel taking place.

Purchase Cards (P-Card)

RFCUNY Purchase cards are not issued for PSC-CUNY Research Awards.

IRB/IACUC Approval

A project involving the use of human and/or animal subjects requires that the appropriate approval (Institutional Review Board and/or IACUC) be in place before incurring any related project expenditures.

Award Extension

PSC-CUNY Research Awards have a grant period of one year from July 1 to June 30. A six-month extension (until December 31) is granted upon request. Requests for extensions may be sent before June 30 to After a six-month extension is granted, no further extensions will be allowed.

Budget Changes

PSC-CUNY Award funds must be spent as outlined in the project abstract. To reallocate funds, a PI must email a request to the general PSC-CUNY email. The grant number, a breakdown of the new budget allocation, and a justification for the proposed change in relation to the scope of research must be included.

The following budget changes require approval of the University Committee on Research Awards (UCRA):

  • A change from Research Staff to any non-personnel category.
  • A change to travel not requested on the original budget. Changes to travel location/itinerary must be made prior to the travel.
  • A change to any budget category not requested in the original budget.
  • If budget category expenditures will exceed $500 more than the original allocation.

An awardee must continue to email all other requests for changes to adjust the budget accordingly. Payment requests will not be processed unless the proper budget has been established.

Change in CUNY Status

An awardee should promptly notify RFCUNY of any change in their status as a faculty member of The City University of New York (CUNY) Full-time instructional staff. An awardee on leave of absence during the award period must also inform RFCUNY and provide assurance that the awardee will return to CUNY at the end of their leave period. Faculty Members on sabbatical or scholar incentive leave may apply for and receive awards.

If an awardee loses or relinquishes their status as a Full-time CUNY faculty member, any pending grant will be withdrawn and previous awards will terminate. Faculty members on Travia leave may continue to access funds until the Travia has ended.

Award recipients who will not be reappointed the following September 1 after the effective date of the award, are entitled to use their research award funds until the termination of their current appointment. At that date, the account will be terminated and all remaining funds returned to the program. The award recipient must notify RFCUNY of their termination date. PSC-CUNY Awards are not transferable.

Final Reports

A final report is required from each faculty member receiving an award in this competition. An award recipient is required to complete a PSC-CUNY Research Award Final Project Report citing publications and any external grants submitted or received as a result of their PSC-CUNY Award. Final reports are due March 1 following the expiration date of the grant and must be sent by email to the PSC-CUNY email.

Acknowledgment of Grant Support

Publications, performances, and presentations including visual and electronic media should contain the following acknowledgment of support: "Support for this project was provided by a PSC-CUNY Award, jointly funded by The Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York." It is the responsibility of an award recipient to notify UCRA of any such work resulting from the PSC-CUNY Research Award Program.

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