Pre-Submission Peer Review Program

RFCUNY’s Pre-Submission Peer Review Program functions to assess the quality of CUNY grant proposals. By identifying weaknesses and strengths, and providing suggestions for improvement, the opportunity to write and submit competitive, successful proposals to an external funding agency is greatly enhanced. Full-time CUNY faculty members are eligible to submit their grant applications for institutional peer review.

The selection of peer reviewers is based on a set of scientific (knowledge relevance to the proposed project) and ethical (personal connection to the applicant) criteria from the program’s pool of registered peer reviewers. Program registration is easy and allows for CUNY faculty members to become peer reviewers and/or submit a proposal for peer review. The program is electronic, completely confidential, and serves both internal and external competitions.

Other Considerations

If no CUNY peer reviewer is available to review a grant application, a qualified peer reviewer outside of the program will be assigned as the reviewer. It is important for applicants to disclose potential peer reviewers on the program’s registration form to minimize any delay in the peer review process.

Peer reviewers names are not disclosed to applicants. Users should be prepared to receive constructive criticism and the feedback received should serve to improve the proposal’s prospects.

RFCUNY’s peer review program is currently restricted to National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health applications.