Submitting Employee Timesheets

Timesheets electronically record the hours an RFCUNY employee works or charges to a specific leave type (e.g., annual leave, sick leave, etc.) during a biweekly pay period. RFCUNY employees are paid biweekly in the regular payroll period in which they worked. Timesheets reflect time and effort reporting and meet Department of Labor (DOL) and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations.

Employee timesheets are due on the Monday following each pay period end date. An RFCUNY employee (or timekeeper, as applicable) is required to electronically complete and submit timesheets through RFCUNY’s Time & Leave system no later than the pay period’s timesheet due date.

Accessing Online Paystub

Paystubs show an employee’s Gross to Net wages and all deductions (taxes, insurance, etc.). The paystub also shows an employee’s current rate of pay, address, and pay period. Access to paystubs and paystub history is available through the My Payroll & Benefits system where employees may view and verify their rate of pay, and confirm they are being taxed correctly.

Enrolling in Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a secure and convenient way for employees to receive their pay electronically in their bank account on payday. Direct deposit takes effect after one payroll cycle (one pay period). An employee’s account information is pre-noted with the bank to ensure the account information provided to RFCUNY is correct. During the pre-noting period, employees will receive a paper check by postal mail.

Enrolling in direct deposit requires an employee log in to the My Payroll & Benefits service. 

An employee may have up to two accounts set up for direct deposit.

Consenting to direct deposit authorizes RFCUNY to debit (if necessary) deposits and adjustments for credit entries made in error to an account.

If an employee closes their bank account, RFCUNY’s payroll department needs to be notified by email (in writing only) in order to properly deactivate the employee’s account(s) from RFCUNY’s electronic systems. Any funds returned to RFCUNY as a result of accounts that have been closed will be reissued to the employee in the following payroll cycle.

Consenting to e-W2

The W-2 form is the tax form an employer must send to an employee and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at the end of the year. The W-2 form reports an employee's annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from an employee’s paycheck. An employee is legally required to file tax returns for earned income in a calendar year and the W-2 tax form is required for employees to file their taxes with the IRS.  

RFCUNY employees may receive their W-2 form by postal delivery or by consenting to electronic delivery through Tax Form Management. Enrollment is a one-time process. Once enrolled you will no longer receive a paper W-2 by mail. Consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Essential Forms

Employment & Rehiring Forms

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