Understanding Contracts & Contract Review FAQs

It is the responsibility of the college, not RFCUNY, to comply with sponsor requirements, University policy, and applicable govern­mental laws and regulations. The college is also obligated to ensure that the principal investigator carries out a sponsored project in compli­ance with the terms of the award, University policy, and city and state requirements.  

No. The CUNY colleges have no legal existence other than as components of CUNY itself. Legally, RFCUNY acts on behalf of CUNY when it enters into a contract on behalf of one of CUNY’s colleges. To enter into a contract on behalf of one CUNY college with another CUNY college would be the same as entering into a contract with itself – it would have no effect and would accomplish nothing.

In these circumstances the principal investigator may wish to contact an RFCUNY project administrator to discuss establishing a subaccount for the other CUNY college with which the principal investigator wishes to collaborate.

No. Only the sponsor knows the terms and conditions the sponsor wants, or needs, to impose on the sponsor’s award of money toward a CUNY project.

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