Closing Out an Award FAQs

Projects costs directly benefitting, and therefore allocable, to a specific project should be submitted for reimbursement as soon as possible, and within the budget period of the project. All project costs should be posted to the account (appear in RFCUNY web reports) before the deadline of the final report in order to allow RFCUNY staff adequate time to prepare and submit invoices to the sponsor.

Each project’s web report is updated nightly and should be reviewed by the principal investigator or designated staff often, but at least monthly. If there is any discrepancy, promptly bring it to the attention of the respective project administrator or their assistant.

It depends on the reporting requirement in each award document. In addition to regular monitoring to determine project progress, each principal investigator should be alert to the end date of the project. Coordinate with the agency’s program manager (if applicable) to ensure timely and successful reporting. Some agencies require that certain reports are to be submitted together with the financial report (usually prepared by RFCUNY) while others do not.

  • Delay or cancellation of continuation awards to the PI
  • Delay or cancellation of continuation awards to other CUNY faculty
  • Demand from sponsor for early termination of award
  • RFCUNY may not be reimbursed for booked expenditures.


If delays are anticipated near the end of the project, a principal investigator should request an extension (if permissible) from the agency by coordinating the request through the campus Grants Office. Ample justification and a new anticipated completion date should be well considered, among other potential sponsor requirements.

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