Access ACH System FAQs

Complete the ACH (Direct Deposit) Payment Authorization Form and send the form to the ACH Payment Team by email, fax (212)417-8369, or postal mail (Research Foundation, CUNY, 230 West 41st Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10036).

Upon processing a payment, an email describing the invoice remittance information is sent to a payee’s provided email address the day before a deposit is made.

On average, it can take up to two business days for a payment to reflect in an account. In most cases, a deposit is made to a recipient’s bank account the next business day. The length of time depends upon the recipient’s bank.

Contact the ACH hotline at (212)417-8599, send an email to ACH Payments indicating where deposits will being made, or complete and submit a new ACH (Direct Deposit) Authorization form.

The bank will return the funds within two business days to RFCUNY. After the funds are returned, the payee will be contacted and their bank account information will be verified and updated, if necessary.

Yes. There is no timeframe required to transition the payment method from direct deposit to check.

Yes. Users of the File Management System must log in. The User ID for login is a PI ID and password associated with the ID.

Unfortunately not. When access is granted to the File Management System, it is granted at the college level. When a user is logged on, the user may view the folder for their department/office as well as other departments/offices that requested ACH backup be shown on this system. As security only exists at a college level, if a user’s payment details are confidential, notify the ACH Payment Team.

Upon being notified of an ACH payment, the backup will be posted to the system within 1-2 days after payment.

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