Child Care Leave FAQs

While an employee is on Child Care Leave with pay (i.e. employee has sick leave, annual leave, or unscheduled holiday accruals), timesheets must be submitted charging the time against the accumulated leave balances. An employee may continue to be on Leave with Pay (LWP) until all permissible time and leave accruals are fully exhausted. An employee will be placed on Leave without Pay (LWOP) for the remainder of their leave or until the end of their appointment. If an employee is on Child Care Leave as a result of a birth of a child, the employee may charge sick leave for the disability period as certified by a physician.

No waiting period applies. Child Care leave begins on the date of birth and is intended to conclude within six months.

An employee on child care leave receives paid leave by charging their sick or annual leave accruals. When sick or annual accruals are exhausted, an employee is placed on leave without pay until the employee returns to work or until the end of the employee’s appointment.

If an employee is returning to work after the birth of a child within an approved disability period (medically certified by a physician), a fitness for duty notice is required.

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