Pre-Tax Flexible Spending Plans FAQs

All eligible employees may enroll at the time they complete their benefits enrollment under My Payroll and Benefits. Part-time B employees may enroll in transit and parking plans. If an employee does not enroll on their initial eligibility date, they must complete and submit a Flexible Spending Enrollment form to their campus benefits coordinator.

Employees can make changes by completing and submitting a Flexible Spending Enrollment Form to their campus benefits coordinator.

Claims may be submitted online to, faxed to (860) 673-2207, or emailed to

The IRS requires receipts to be submitted for reimbursement. The transit plan may allow you to submit the Customer Receipt Form, in lieu of a receipt. You may contact your Campus Benefits Coordinator or ABS for more information.

Unclaimed transit and parking accounts will rollover only if an employee re-enrolls in the programs for the following year. Funds in the Healthcare and Dependent Care accounts do not rollover and must be claimed by the March 31 deadline for the preceding calendar year.

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