Faculty Travel for Grant Development Program

Important Announcement

The Faculty Travel for Grant Development program is temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus crises. Thank you for your patience.



The Faculty Travel for Grant Development program financially supports CUNY researchers and scholars pursuing new grant proposals that require out-of-town travel. All travel for grant development should pertain to meetings with proposal collaborators and/or representatives of external funders, such as federal agency officers or private foundation program officers. Applicants should provide evidence that an idea intended for grant funding is fully thought-out and ready for advanced planning and discussion.

Applicants must also justify in-person travel as key to grant proposal development. Consider what could be accomplished through in-person meetings that cannot be achieved through a phone call or video conference. This program does not support attendance at conferences, workshops, or presentation engagements unrelated to grant development purposes.

This program is not designed to fund the totality of travel expenses, but rather, to assist by defraying a significant portion of the costs. Recipients are also expected to explore and utilize other mechanisms to fund their trips.

Eligibility & Application

Eligibility is limited to tenured and tenure-track faculty or full-time researchers. Applicants are eligible for one award in a given fiscal year period.

Applications must be submitted using the online form. Applications must include comprehensive information, including the names and institutions of relevant sponsor representatives or proposal collaborators and a detailed description of the grant opportunity. Applications with insufficient information will be returned for further clarification.

Reimbursement Provisions

  • Recipients will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $750.
  • Eligible expenses for reimbursement include economy-class transportation, lodging, and/or meals not already provided by other institutional or special award sources. Recipients must observe the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) per-diem rates for these expenses.
  • Recipient travel must occur within the same fiscal year as the application. Reimbursement cannot be made unless this requirement is observed, even if the application was initially approved.
  • Recipients must provide documentation that confirms their participation in the grant development meeting(s), as well as an accounting of expense details with receipts to validate all reimbursement claims. Reimbursement cannot be made unless this documentation is provided, even if the application was initially approved.

Requests for reimbursement should be made promptly at the trip’s conclusion. Direct all reimbursement requests via email to Ingrid Valentin.


Ingrid Valentin
Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support

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