Identify sponsored research internal (PSC - CUNY) and external funding opportunities, travel grants, and receive grant proposal support. Enroll to become a peer reviewer or have a grant proposal reviewed by a CUNY peer.

Award Pre-Proposal Support

  • CUNY faculty and students may consult with the office of Award Pre-Proposal Support to obtain support in identifying sources of funding

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Internal Funding (PSC-CUNY Award Program)

  • The Professional Staff Congress, CUNY supports academically relevant research across all disciplines

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Proposal Peer Review

  • To strengthen grant proposal excellence at CUNY, the Proposal Peer Review program seeks out constructive feedback from colleagues in the University, across the nation, and worldwide. Register now to submit a proposal.

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Search for External Funding

  • Resources and databases for identifying award funding opportunities including Pivot-RP, GrantForward and

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Faculty Travel for Grant Development Program

  • The Faculty Travel for Grant Development program is now accepting applications for financial support of out-of-town travel so that CUNY researchers can pursue the development of their grant proposals. Carefully review the guidelines before applying as applications with insufficient information will be returned, delaying the travel support decision. Program funds are awarded on a first come basis. Once exhausted, the program does not make any new awards until the next fiscal year.

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