Accidents with RFCUNY Leased Vehicles

If an accident occurs with an RFCUNY leased vehicle, RFCUNY may be held legally liable for damages/injuries to the vehicle or other third parties. In the event of an accident with an RFCUNY leased vehicle the vehicle operator must take the following initial steps:

  • Collect the contact information of all those involved in the accident including witnesses (where possible)
  • Take pictures of the accident scene, vehicle and property damages, license plates, etc.
  • Exchange insurance information with the other driver
  • Call the police and obtain a police report
  • Arrange for the tow of the vehicle to a repair facility

Contact the customer service number on the back of the insurance card and inform them of the vehicle’s location after it is towed. Request that the insurance company send an insurance adjuster to inspect the vehicle (24-48 hour timeframe). If possible, the driver of the vehicle should meet the insurance adjustor at the repair facility at the time of vehicle’s inspection. 

After notifying the insurance company to report the accident and provide the location of the repair facility, contact RFCUNY to relay the information provided by the insurance company (i.e. claim number, adjuster contact information, etc.). RFCUNY receives the loss check from the insurance company and pays the repair facility directly. The deductible (currently $1,000) will be removed in the form of a debit from the project’s account. 

The vehicle’s driver (or their representative), as the possessor of the vehicle, is responsible for transporting the car to the repair facility and retrieving the vehicle upon repair.

When the repair of a vehicle is complete, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles requires that the driver and the repair facility complete and sign a #APD2 form, which attests to the completion of repairs. Both parties must complete and sign the form for RFCUNY to submit the form to the auto insurer.

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