Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) serves to facilitate close consultation between faculty engaged in research and other activities involving the funds administered by the Foundation (who may be expected to use the services of the Foundation) and the Board of Directors on matters of substance related to the performance and administration of sponsored research and other activities.

Members are selected by the University Faculty Senate from faculty demonstrably active in research, as evidenced by the fact that within two years prior to selection they were principal or co-investigators or directors of research of training grants administered by the RF, or were recipients of research grants or fellowships financed by non-university sources and deemed by the University Faculty Senate to be an award of nationally recognized importance.

Members of the Council

Shirley Raps 
Chair, Biological Sciences, Hunter College*

Loretta Brancaccio-Taras
Biological Sciences, Kingsborough Community College*

Matthew Cotter 
Staff Director to the Council, Bronx Community College

Martin Burke
Chair, University Faculty Senate, The Graduate Center

Lesley Davenport
Chemistry, Brooklyn College*

Amy Hsin
Sociology, Queens College

Jamal Jalilian-Marian
Natural Sciences, Baruch College

Andrei Jitianu
Chemistry, Lehman College

Steven Penrod
Psychology, John Jay College*

* Serves on the RFCUNY Board of Directors and its committees


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