Job Title: Associate Director, CUNY Inclusive Economy
PVN ID: VA-2305-005597
Category: Managerial and Professional

Job Description

General Description


The City University of New York (CUNY) is the nation’s largest urban public university and serves 275,000 degree- seeking students and 200,000 non-degree students across 25 campuses. 77% are students of color. CUNY's core mandate is to provide a high-quality, affordable education to all New Yorkers. CUNY is a springboard of economic mobility. 42% of students hail from households earning less than $20,000. In recent decades, CUNY has lifted more individuals from the lowest economic quintile to the highest economic quintile than the Ivy League, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT combined. Furthermore, 1 out of every 72 undergraduate/graduate students in America is a CUNY student, making our students’ success a driver of national outcomes.


The Office of Careers and Industry Partnerships (OCIP) is responsible for mobilizing the university’s unparalleled scale, assets and diverse talent to fuel inclusive economic prosperity. OCIP is working to ensure that 1) CUNY graduates can launch or advance in sustaining careers of their choosing at salaries equivalent to their peers, 2) businesses can turn to CUNY to find the talent, services, and expertise they need to thrive, 3) faculty and staff come and stay at CUNY because the impact they can have on students’ career trajectory is unparalleled and recognized, and 4) sustainable funding streams support proven interventions for bolstering student career success today and for years to come.

OCIP is seeking an Associate Director to oversee the CUNY Inclusive Economy Initiative. The goal of CIE is to advance CUNY’s goal of ensuring more students can launch and advance in sustaining careers in the sectors of their choice. The Associate Director of CUNY Inclusive Economy (CIE) will aid in this effort by overseeing the evolution and expansion of an industry-campus backbone across CUNY. Currently, CIE is in 17 departments across 9 campuses. The initiative focuses on healthcare, technology, green economy and climate resilience, and liberal arts. The Associate Director of CIE will work closely with the Industry Support Hub within OCIP, campus leaders and the CIE teams on campuses which are teams of Industry Specialists, Hybrid Academic Advisors. The person will be the point person for communication for the campuses and will be expected to be able to work with industry, philanthropic, and public partners to support colleges in building sustained hiring pipelines with employers alongside their colleagues within OCIP. Through the work of the Associate Director CUNY students will benefit from proactive connections to employment and businesses will thrive thanks to qualified, diverse CUNY talent.


Other Duties

  • Architect solutions for bolstering campus capacity to build talent pipelines with industry: evaluate existing models and explore new ways in which to build campus capacity to engage industry in the creation of employment and internship hiring pipelines. Work closely with campus staff and colleagues to create and provide tools, frameworks, workflows, templates, presentations, etc. to meet the needs of the program and ensure best practices across campuses.
  • Lead scaling and expansion of proven models across CUNY’s 25 colleges: be able to identify key stakeholders across CUNY and design processes that would ensure a successful expansion of programming through relationship management, record keeping, and systems building. Ultimately able to map out an expansion plan and lead efforts in doing so.
  • Measure impact and hold parties accountable: Clearly communicate and uphold metrics of the initiative with key stakeholders through programmatic process and workflow creation, reporting, and progress tracking. Be able to analyze and synthesize all data, both qualitative and quantitative, and take action on the findings.
  • Act as a knowledge-hub for partners within and outside of CUNY: establish yourself as the owner of the CIE initiative to all stakeholders involved; being a reliable source of information and best practices, respond to inquiries in a concise and consistent manner, keep internal databases accurate and accessible.  
  • Inform strategy and policy recommendations: contribute insights and recommendations to the leadership team to ensure CUNY’s overall strategies for ensuring more students can successfully connect to sustaining careers; identify potential policies that could further promote equitable career outcomes for CUNY graduates and alumni.
  • Support the narrowing of disparities in career outcomes by integrating unit-wide strategies to promote equity: recognizing CUNY’s strength as an engine of upward mobility for students from a diversity of backgrounds, deploy unit and CUNY-wide strategies to ensure equitable outcomes for all.
  • Additional future supervisory responsibilities.
  • Help to build a culture of inclusivity and support: build a community across the Office of Careers and Industry Partnerships and CIE stakeholders that promotes information sharing, strategic partnership and planning that leads to student success. Hold regular meetings, information sessions, mixers, etc. that fosters community. 


Minimum Qualifications

  • At least five (5) years of experience in workforce development, business development, talent recruitment, higher education, or a related field
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills
  • Experience with building curriculum, workshops and presentations
  • Ability to be flexible as the needs of stakeholders arise and the creation of tools is needed
  • Experience with employer engagement, data management, and project management
  • Proven ability to oversee the development and deployment of complex programs or initiatives across multiple partners or contexts
  • Knowledge of best practices for data collection, analysis, and communication in order to mobilize a diversity of stakeholders towards a common goal
  • Ability to think strategically, problem-solve, and develop programs to achieve organizational goals;
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced and complex work environment with respect for deadlines and deliverables
  • Experience working with a diversity of stakeholders from a variety of sectors (e.g. public, private, across industries) to advance a common mission
  • Commitment to CUNY’s mission of promoting the equitable upward economic mobility of graduates
  • Ability to adhere to CUNY’s location and hybrid in-person/remote work policies

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous experience working with NY employers to assess talent needs, build hiring pipelines;
  • Demonstrated understanding or previous experience navigating the unique strengths and opportunities presented by CUNY campuses, system, and student body;
  • Knowledge of industry hiring practices, with a preference for those related to college talent pipelines & a deep understanding of access and equity issues;
  • Demonstrated ability to understand motivation and incentives of diverse audiences and craft effective messages and marketing material to mobilize action;
  • Previous experience navigating complex public systems – successful candidates will be energized by the concept of creating long lasting change by addressing systemic barriers to innovation and partnership;
  • Clear commitment to continuous learning – including demonstrated interest in latest higher education/career development research, familiarity with other promising emerging practices from across NYC workforce ecosystem, or participation in professional networks, activities, or independent learning opportunities.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to travel to multiple sites throughout NYC

About the Research Foundation

The Research Foundation of The City University of New York (RFCUNY) was established as a not-for-profit educational corporation chartered by the State of New York in 1963. RFCUNY supports CUNY faculty and staff in identifying and obtaining external support (pre-award) from government and private sponsors and is responsible for the administration of all such funded programs (post-award).

RFCUNY stands between CUNY’s principal investigators (PIs) and the sponsors who support them and strives to fulfill its essential responsibilities to both groups. Working closely with individual PIs and Grants Officers on the campuses, RFCUNY oversees employment, accounting, audit, reporting, purchasing, and special responsibilities that include management of a planned giving program; liaison with governmental agencies and foundations; negotiation of agreements; facility construction and renovation; protection and commercialization of intellectual property; and compliance with applicable standards in research involving human subjects, animal care, environmental and radiological safety, and conflicts of interest.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Research Foundation of the City University of New York is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Americans with Disabilities Act/E-Verify Employer. It is the policy of the Research Foundation of CUNY to provide equal employment opportunities free of discrimination based on race, color, age, religion, sex, pregnancy, childbirth, national origin, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, domestic violence victim status, arrest record, criminal conviction history, or any other protected characteristic under applicable law.

Key Features

Office of Careers & Industry Partnership
Full Time
Annual Salary Range
$90,000.00 - $95,000.00
Closing Date
Jul 04, 2023 (Or Until Filled)
Bargaining Unit