Job Title: Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP) Career Coach
PVN ID: SI-1912-003415
Category: Instruction and Social Service

Job Description

General Description

The CUNY University of New York seeks a Career Coach for the Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP) Residency program. We are looking for an individual who is personable, efficient and has the drive to help our students reach their first job career goals. The focus of the role is to provide support to TTP Residents (25 students per internship class cohort, but cumulative over several cohorts). You will be able to gain knowledge of interns through every phase of the TTP Residency.

About the TTP Residency @ the College of Staten Island

The TTP Residency @ the College of Staten Island is a semester-long program designed to deliver qualified tech talent to local employers and short-term professional opportunities to competitive NYC undergraduates.

A partnership between the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline and the College of Staten Island TTP Residency gathers valuable feedback from host businesses to better align tech education with the workforce needs of NYC employers.

Other Duties

  • Provide direct support (1:1 coaching) to current students, and all alumni from previous cohorts, by supporting their connection to full employment and internship opportunities;
  • Manage relationships with NYC-based employers and support the sourcing of technical internship opportunities for the program’s cohorts;
  • Build a growing roster of internships and full-time employment opportunities for program graduates as web developers and software engineers;
  • Review student portfolios, resumes, LinkedIn, and GitHub profiles to gauge employment readiness;
  • Conduct 1:1 Mock Interviewing (behavioral and technical);
  • Recruit volunteers and mentors to participate in employer-friendly programs activities;
  • Connect students to informational interviews with industry volunteers and mentors;
  • Deliver professional and soft skills workshops before, during and after the program, and support the Faculty Advisor in delivering workshops on topics including technical resume writing and technical interviewing;
  • Develop students’ overall professional skills, as well as coach them toward specific job opportunities;
  • Proactively engage industry professionals to support the NYC TTP Residency program and its job placement goals;
  • Build a student assessment database, which will be used to assess students’ professional skills, technical skills and job search preparedness at several points throughout the semester —successful program execution shall require, at minimum, an initial, mid-point, and final assessment during the program period;
  • Provide regular updates on student technical and professional assessments;
  • Support all students who complete the program up to 6 months after program completion or graduation;
  • Connect and match students to opportunities sourced by the College or TTP;
  • Use various online resources to gauge students programming experience and skill (hacker challenges);
  • Design and compile a student career directory (listing employers and student reviews á la Glassdoor) to be located in the campus-based Career Services Department (CSD).


Required Competencies:

  • 3-5 Years’ experience working in the tech sector;
  • Coaching / Management experience;
  • Experience dealing with undergraduate students and recent alumni;
  • Comfortable with employer outreach business development and partnership building;
  • Understanding of the tech ecosystem Scene, as understood broadly (e.g., jobs, careers, companies, meetups, fairs, networks);
  • Comfortable with coaching Computer Science students on both tech skill and behavioral interview skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Education background in Psychology, Counseling or relevant field;
  • Experience working at a tech boot camp;
  • Experience working at a College Institution (full or part time);
  • Experience working on Grants (MOUs, proposals, data collection);
  • Computer Science Student / Major;
  • At least a working knowledge of one coding language, preferably JavaScript.

Key Features

Computer Science
Full Time
Annual Salary Range
$65,000.00 - $75,000.00
Closing Date
Jun 02, 2020 (Or Until Filled)