Job Title: Construction Professionalism Instructor
PVN ID: LA-2002-003511
Category: Instruction and Social Service
Location: LAGUARDIA C. C.

Key Features

Workforce Development
Part Time
Pay Range
Hour(s) a week
Closing Date
Apr 06, 2020 (Or Until Filled)


Job Description

General Description

The Workforce Development Department prepares New Yorkers to begin and advance their careers through a variety of certificate education and training programs.  Based in LaGuardia Community College’s Division of Adult and Continuing Education, programs follow an industry-informed, career pathways approach and span sectors such as healthcare, technology, construction, media and communications, and more. 

The Construction Skills, Safety and Sustainability Training Program (CSSSTP) prepares students to enter the construction field with an understanding of both construction safety and basic skills as well as sustainability principles and practices, especially as they relate to the built environment. 

The Contextualized Soft Skills Instructor will develop the content for and provide to two cohorts of trainees the three hour “Introduction to Construction” and three hour “Communication and Professionalism for Construction” modules at the start of the CSSSTP program. 

  • The “Introduction to Construction” module introduces students to the field of construction, including the nature of the work and work environment; similarities and differences between various types of employers and projects within the sector, including union and non-union, affordable housing developments and MWBEs; technical and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in the sector, including strategies for continued employment in a sector that is often project-based; career pathways and opportunities for advancement, including entering union apprenticeships and starting one’s own business; and, past present and projected future trends in the industry related to development and construction.  Potential teaching methods include presentation, interactive activities, video, and guest speakers. 
  • The “Construction Professionalism” module is designed to help students understand communication and professionalism in the construction sector and to improve their skills in these areas. Learning mat include the use of scenarios common to the construction industry, videos, small group exercises and role-plays.

The curriculum for this module should be clearly documented through a curriculum outline, lesson plans and any supplemental materials, such as descriptions of scenarios, for future use at LaGuardia.

Other Duties


  • A minimum of 1-year of construction industry work experience and 1-year teaching experience
  • Experience teaching soft skills and teaching adult learners utilizing interactive methods
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An Associate degree is preferred