Job Title: Program and Student Success Manager
PVN ID: LA-2001-003489
Category: Instruction and Social Service
Location: LAGUARDIA C. C.

Job Description

General Description

The Bilingual Medical Assistant Training Program prepares English language learners to become culturally competent certified clinical medical assistants through a combination of advanced English language education and enhanced clinical medical assistant training.  The medical assistant training includes core competencies such as patent-centeredness, communication, teamwork, care coordination, and chronic disease management, among others, as well as clinical and administrative skills, including EKG and phlebotomy, and a 100 hour internship.  The program takes place during evenings and weekends over the course of a little over a year.

The Program and Student Success Manager is responsible for working closely with two cohorts of students to support them throughout the program and ensure that they are able to be successful in completing all aspects of the program, including courses, certification exams, internships, and employment.  This can be accomplished through case management, coaching, trouble-shooting, and connecting students to resources available at the college and beyond.  The Program and Student Success Manager is also responsible for recruiting students and managing the student assessment and selection process, observing classes and conducting quality assurance on instruction, coordinating tutoring and employment services for students, and other responsibilities as needed. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide case management and coaching services to 40-50 students to support their success in the program and ensure that they are able to complete all aspects of the program at a satisfactory level.
  • Work with students to trouble-shoot barriers to completion and success and connect students to resources at the college and beyond that will help them overcome these barriers.
  • Coach students through challenges that they face during the course of the program and motivate them to develop creative strategies to overcome barriers.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive recruitment strategy for the target population, including brokering partnerships with community-based organizations that serve the target population.
  • In consultation with other staff and stakeholders, develop and implement a comprehensive orientation and assessment process for interested students that includes an information session, an eligibility pre-screen, academic and English language testing, a training provider interview, and an employer partner interview.

Other Duties

  • Coordinate tutoring hours for students with academic support needs, in order to ensure student success in the program.
  • Observe classes in order to identify barriers to learning in the classroom, provide feedback and coaching to teachers and students on overcoming these barriers, and provide general quality assurance to ensure a quality educational experience.
  • Coordinate with the Career Development Center to offer a sequence of job search, resume, and interview workshops throughout the program in order to best prepare students for employment after program completion.
  • Support students in completion of human resources requirements such as physicals, drug tests, and others in preparation for internship experiences.
  • Performs other duties as needed and as assigned by the Program Director.


Required Qualifications/Skills:

  • Associates Degree
  • Stellar interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience with case management and coaching
  • Experience with recruitment and assessment for occupational training programs
  • Cultural competence and experience working with diverse immigrant communities
  • Highly resourceful and able to motivate others
  • Team player who is flexible and takes initiative to solve problems
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills including attention to detail
  • Understanding of pedagogy and best practices for educational and workforce development programming
  • Knowledge of community resources and organizations in New York City
  • Invested in students’ success
  • Ability to work evening hours and occasional weekend hours
  • Ability to travel between Long Island City and Washington Heights program sites 

Preferred Qualifications/Skills:

  • Second language ability
  • Experience in a healthcare setting
  • Experience with English language education
  • Experience with medical assistant education

Key Features

Workforce Development
Full Time
Annual Salary Range
Closing Date
Mar 22, 2020 (Or Until Filled)