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Job Title: Computer Lab Technician
PVN ID: KB-1902-002934
Category: Information Technology
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Continuing Education
Part Time
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Apr 04, 2019 (Or Until Filled)

Job Description

General Description

General Description

The Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Kingsborough Community College (KCC) delivers workforce training and college readiness programs to under- and un-employed New York City residents, providing the training and skills necessary to advance their careers or continue toward a higher educational goal. The Center is committed to providing our students with the most relevant education, training, and hands-on employment services that will positively serve their long-term individual, educational, and career goals.

Kingsborough Community College (KCC) is looking for a Computer Lab Technician (CLT) who will oversee computer labs being utilized by CUNY Techworks students, and support CUNY Techworks instructors during class time. The Techworks program at Kingsborough focuses on User Experience, which entails coursework aligned with web and graphic design and prototyping.  This is done through college owned Mac computers and Mac laptops containing Adobe Creative Cloud software such as Photoshop and XD.

As CLT, the primary role is performing basic computer troubleshooting of the Mac/PC equipment and design software, as well as other equipment used in the computer labs or classrooms in which the courses take place.

While in the classrooms, the CLT will be assisting instructors to ensure classes and labs run smoothly.

CLT is  be responsible for the security of the computer room, classroom and/or Mobile Computer Lab.  Duties include opening and locking rooms and ensuring rooms are in a preferred state before leaving (i.e.  Cleanup, logging off computers, etc.), distributing laptops and documenting the state of each laptop before distributing to students and   upon return.

The CLT is will be responsible for contacting appropriate departments including not limited to the IT department or public safety if the need arises.

The CLT is responsible for documenting and logging all activities which occur during class or lab time, including any technical issues which need to be addressed.

Must be able to work afternoons and evenings.


Other Duties


  • Must have experience using Mac/PC computers and be familiar with operating system settings.
  • Must be familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud and its products, specifically Adobe XD and Photoshop
  • Must have experience with Microsoft Office Excel, Google Sheets, and Slack.
  • Must have good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Good time management skills and strong interpersonal skills including patience and leadership are a plus.


  • Familiar with Windows operating systems.
  • Understands some web design coding languages, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Associate Degree Accepted, Bachelor Degree Preferred.