Job Title: Senior Application Developer
PVN ID: GS-1809-002701
Category: Research

Job Description

General Description

Since 2006 the Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research at The Graduate Center / CUNY has developed sophisticated, powerful, and user-friendly web map applications for a diverse set of partner organizations, philanthropic foundations, and CUNY researchers.  We seek to hire a Senior Application Developer to continue this work developing interactive applications centered around – though not limited to – maps and related data visualizations.

In particular, you will be designing and building robust applications that address important policy and research issues related to demographics (such as the upcoming 2020 Census and subsequent redistricting initiatives), immigration trends, voter patterns, environmental issues, transportation infrastructure, and more. Our applications are primarily online, but may also include desktop or mobile applications. You can access links to several current applications plus a description of the Mapping Service at

We work with a mix of open source and proprietary tools and techniques such as Leaflet, platform-agnostic web services, a variety of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, and GIS applications including ESRI’s software suite, MapInfo, and open source GIS packages.  We develop our online apps in Visual Studio but can accommodate other options.

Ideally this position will be a full-time, long-term arrangement.  We are open, however, to considering shorter-term, part-time arrangements.

Other Duties

Benefits and work environment:

You will be part of a small, agile team – the CUNY Mapping Service – at the Center for Urban Research (CUR) within the CUNY Graduate Center in midtown Manhattan.  The Graduate Center is a dynamic and well-respected institution within the City University of New York, home to CUNY’s PhD program, many academic research centers such as CUR, and high-profile public policy discussions and initiatives.  The Center for Urban Research works closely with CUNY researchers and students, public agencies, nonprofit partners, and others to undertake basic research and applied initiatives addressing issues facing New York and other large cities.

Our work environment provides flexibility, relies on a collaborative design and development process, and draws inspiration from our colleagues throughout the Graduate Center and CUNY overall as well as the organizations for whom we develop applications.

The Research Foundation of CUNY manages employment benefits.  As a Research Foundation employee, after 90 days full-time employment you will be eligible for RF’s pension, health insurance, life insurance, and long-term disability plans.


Required skills and expertise include:

  • 3+ years web application development experience.
  • Expertise with JavaScript frameworks and libraries for interactive web development (including CSS and HTML).
  • Familiarity with GIS concepts and data structures.
  • Experience with interactive geospatial frameworks and services such as Leaflet, MapBox, Carto, ArcGIS Online, and Google’s mapping services.

The ideal candidate will also have the following:

  • Experience or familiarity developing websites and web services with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API (we have several legacy applications built with these tools).
  • Experience with relational database management software (preferably Microsoft SQL Server or Postgres SQL).
  • Experience with user-centered design.
  • Familiarity with Internet server architecture (we use IIS in a Windows environment).
  • Understanding of data visualization concepts and techniques.

Key Features

Center for Urban Research
Full Time
Depends on Qualifications
Closing Date
Mar 14, 2019 (Or Until Filled)