Job Title: Communications Manager
PVN ID: CC-2004-003574
Category: Managerial and Professional

Key Features

Part Time
Depends on Qualifications
Closing Date
Jun 14, 2020 (Or Until Filled)


Job Description

General Description

The NOAA CESSRST Center, funded by the NOAA Educational Partnership Program, primarily aims at recruiting, training, graduating a cadre of graduate and undergraduate students primarily from the underrepresented minority community in NOAA mission science, engineering, and social sciences to build a diverse NOAA mission enterprise workforce.

 The Center is looking for a dynamic, creative and scientific communicator to help disseminate the Centers’ accomplishments for high visibility among internal and external stakeholders and public.

As a key member of the Center, the Communications Manager will produce and distribute media items both electronically, and in print across public platforms.  The Communications Manager will manage the Center’ website, social media presence, and, coordinate all scientific, research and educational communications with internal and external stakeholders.  The internal stakeholders include, CUNY, CCNY and other Center Partner University’s faculty and staff.  The external stakeholders include NOAA, other agencies, private sector industries, the wider research and education community, and, the public at large. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Managing the Center’s web presence ( including design, hands-on development, content generation, maintenance (including updates) and editing.
  • Creating and maintaining the Center’s social media presence.
  • Drafting press releases.
  • Designing graphic layouts of printed and electronic materials.
  • Interfacing with the Public Relations departments of the internal and external stakeholders.
  • Writing, editing, and, managing the copy flow for the Center’s deliverables such as the semi-annual reports, annual accomplishments reports, and the e-newsletter.

Other Duties

  • Providing administrative support on an as-need basis to the CESSRST Management Team.
  • Coordinating special events.
  • Tracking and reporting on all graduating students’ success stories and their workforce pursuits, including alumni stories.



  • Bachelor’s degree and at least two years related experience required. Proven capability in creating and editing content, using standard journalism/editorial practices, and managing social media strategies on current platforms.
  • Experienced as a creative graphic artist capable of conceptualizing and designing print materials on demand. Excellent oral and written communication skills with strong attention to detail. Knowledge and experience of academic research, science (bench or social/behavioral sciences) and/or engineering is advantageous.
  • Ability to communicate with many constituencies, including academic, editorial, technical and management staff.
  • Proficiency using computers, standard office applications, and, standard graphic design software. Knowledge of Adobe InDesign is advantageous.
  • Knowledge and proficiency in programming languages and web development. Experience with content management systems.
  • Knowledge of WordPress is advantageous.
  • Ability to work productively, both independently and on teams, in a collaborative office environment.