On May 13, 2021, the Chancellor announced the decision to designate August 2, 2021, as the date for CUNY staff to return to their workplaces in preparation for a more in-person fall.

The return to in-person work for RFCUNY employees will follow the pattern set by CUNY, which includes a blended scheduling system combining remote and in-person arrangements. In keeping with that approach, the Research Foundation has Flexible and Remote Work Guidelines for RFCUNY Field Employees and a revised Remote Work Agreement for RFCUNY Field Employees, both of which are on the RF’s website.

Copies of the Remote Work Agreement are needed for many purposes, not the least of which is their availability for inspection upon demand by the sponsor of your project and for reconciliation of payroll records. A copy will also be placed in your personnel file.

Please send the completed and fully signed Remote Work Agreement to as soon as possible.

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