Faculty Research Travel Program

Funding for Fiscal Year 2018

The funding allocated for fiscal year 2018 has been exhausted and no further applications will be accepted. On July 1, 2018 (the beginning of the new fiscal year) applications for travel support can, once again, be submitted.


The Faculty Travel for Research Program is aimed to promote research and scholarly creativity across the University. The program is available to tenured and tenure-track faculty and to Full-time faculty engaged in Full-time research. Faculty travel supported under this program is not designed to fund 100% of the expenses, but rather to assist faculty by defraying a significant portion of the travel costs. Faculty and researchers are also expected to explore and utilize other mechanisms to fund their trips from campus and other sources.

Funding Source and Administration

Funding for the program is provided by CUNY's Office of Research and RFCUNY. The program is administered by RFCUNY with guidance and support from CUNY's Office of Research.*

Type of Travel Supported

The program will support out-of-town travel to develop distinct grant research proposals with evidence that the research effort has been well developed and thought out for submission to either federal agencies or private sponsors. Traveler is encouraged to visit multiple agencies or program managers in the same trip, especially when traveling to Washington, DC. Faculty and researchers are eligible for support for one trip in the most current fiscal year period. Faculty will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $750 for funding opportunity travel. This support may be used for economy class transportation, lodging, and meal costs not provided by other sources of support.

This program is not intended to provide funding for resources and/or support that are offered within the CUNY system, nor provide funding for attendance at conferences, workshops or meetings that can be conducted over the phone, online, or by Skype.

How to Apply

Requests must be submitted using the online application form.

Application Review

Applications for travel in FY18 (travel must occur between 7/1/17- 6/30/18) must be submitted 1 month in advance of travel to the Office of Pre-Proposal Support (APPS) for review. Faculty will receive a decision by email within two weeks of submission. Faculty must submit receipts for reimbursement within 1 month after travel to Ingrid Valentin. Decisions on applications will be based on the level of impact on the applicant's professional development, the contribution to strengthening the culture of research and scholarship at the University, the applicant's frequency of use of the Faculty Travel Program, and on the availability of funds for travel.

Fiscal Year Commitment

If funding allocated for the program is exhausted before the end of the fiscal year, applicants will need to wait for the beginning of following fiscal year (which begins on July 1) to submit requests for travel (unless additional funding is added).

Awards & Reimbursement

Awardee recipients must provide documentation to support their participation in the meeting and provide expense details and receipts to validate reimbursement claims. Requests for reimbursement should be made within one month of the end of the trip.

Contact Information

The Faculty Travel Program is administered through RFCUNY's Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support (APPS). Please contact Ingrid Valentin with questions or other requests for assistance.


The program will be evaluated at the end of the fiscal year to determine how well it is meeting the needs of CUNY faculty and researchers and the extent to which it is contributing towards CUNY's goals for stimulating interest and support for external grant funding.

* Funding provided by CUNY's Office of Research is committed to tenure-track faculty. However, RFCUNY will support all Full-time faculty in all titles and ranks, including scientists and scholars who work for the University on research supported by external grants and contracts.