Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support (APPS)

The Office of Award Pre-Proposal Support (APPS) is a value added service established by the Research Foundation of the City University of New York (RFCUNY) as of December 2015 to advance the University's sponsored programs enterprise by helping CUNY faculty and students identify and obtain extramural funding to support their research, education, training, curriculum development, and other related activities.


Developing and advancing an array of research development activities within RFCUNY that provide faculty and students at all CUNY colleges the resources needed to successfully compete for research grants from external sources.


APPS supports and advances the University's mission of "a premier research [and educational] institution, building an array of modern facilities and expanding the ranks of its world-class faculty" by working closely with the faculty and campus administrations to:

  • Encourage the faculty and students to write proposals
  • Provide resources to faculty and students to write successful proposals
  • Assist grant administrators in developing a standardized set of metrics to monitor proposal success rates across the University
  • Provide leadership and expertise in the creation of a University-wide sponsored program development strategy


APPS promotes CUNY sponsored program endeavors by:

  • Assisting the faculty and students with identifying funding sources
  • Sharing knowledge of agency mission, culture, and funding opportunities
  • Offering consultation about all aspects of proposal preparation
  • Facilitating easy access to information on funding opportunities and other resources through access to a comprehensive and continually updated APPS website
  • Connecting the faculty to build/create disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations University-wide, nationally, and internationally
  • Offering and encouraging attendance at sponsored program development-related and proposal writing workshops, seminars, on-line forums, and meetings
  • Supporting faculty to meet program officers and to serve on proposal review panels at the grant funding institutions
  • Scheduling and coordinating visits of workshops and outreach activities by representatives of funding agencies
  • Acting as liaison between principal investigators/project directors and the funding agency program officers/grant administrators on questions or issues that arise prior to funding
  • Creation of an internal proposal peer review process
  • Development of a shared grant proposal database (e.g. Kuali Research)
  • Offering follow-up consultation when a proposal is denied funding by helping to strengthen the proposal and assisting the investigators in determining whether there is merit in a resubmission