Many funding organizations employ a peer review system as a ranking or rating system in the grant application review process to ensure that funding is allocated based on the scientific merit of the proposed activities. Therefore, we believe that soliciting and incorporating feedback from your peers prior to submitting a grant proposal to a sponsoring agency will enhance its quality, making it more competitive.

Proposal pre-submission peer review function is the value-added service, highly appraised and strongly recommended by many national and international research institutions, and is now available at RFCUNY.

CUNY-Wide Peer Review Pilot for NSF and NIH (exclusions apply) Grant Applications

RFCUNY pilots a unique and invaluable opportunity to submit your NIH R-series (excluding R13, STTR & SBIR programs) and K-series as well as NSF proposals to the newly established University-Wide Proposal Pre-Submission Peer Review Program. If the pilot is successful, we anticipate to expand the program to other sponsors.

To make the peer review process successful, all CUNY faculty members are encouraged to register today as CUNY peer reviewers with RFCUNY Peer Review.  

CUNY full-time faculty members applying for a qualified NSF/NIH program are welcome to have their grant application(s) peer-reviewed by submitting their grant proposal(s) for RFCUNY Peer Review.