Research Conduct

The Office of Research Conduct is located within the Office of Academic Affairs at the City University of New York (CUNY) Central Office and works in concert with the President of the Research Foundation. Its oversight and advisory responsibilities are as follows:

Compliance and Oversight

  • Oversee the compliance of any ongoing research involving human subjects with Federal, State and University regulations and report any problems or concerns to the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs, the Research Foundation President and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), as required.
  • Oversee University compliance with Federal and State regulations regarding protection of human subjects and report any problems or concerns to the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs, the Research Foundation President and OHRP, as required. 
  • Review Institutional Review Board (IRB) composition at all campuses.
  • Review IRB Policies and Procedures, CUNY-wide and at each campus, for compliance with federal requirements.
  • Attend convened IRB meetings to ensure they meet quorum and meeting requirements, monitor activities related to review and approval of protocols and consent forms, including review of grant applications, and review and approval of quarterly reports, protocol amendments, and continuing review. Review minutes submitted by campus IRBs to ensure that they meet federal regulations. 


  • Lead educational efforts for IRB members, IRB staff, faculty and non-faculty researchers and research staff, and appropriate institutional officials, to:

    • Update manuals, forms and web-based information
    • Host seminars and lectures
    • Distribute literature
    • Develop CITI Training Programs 
  • Inform campuses of important research ethics and human subjects protection issues as they arise, including any legal or regulatory changes.


  • Work in concert with the CUNY IRB for revisions to CUNY IRB policies and procedures
  • Communicate any changes to the campus IRBs
  • Standardize the IRB record-keeping process among CUNY campuses


  • Visit campuses regularly and meet with IRB chairs, IRB members, IRB administrators and grants officers
  • Provide counseling to researchers and all others as requested and needed


Updated 12/2012