Behind the RFCUNY Website Redesign

The time for a significant transformation of the RFCUNY Website has arrived. Much has changed since RFCUNY’s last redesign in 2005, but the focus of RFCUNY remains the same: Support the work performed by thousands of faculty and staff by providing the sponsored program services and tools users need.

Design Based on User Need

RFCUNY partnered with a professional web design firm to build a website that is as supportive, helpful, and engaging as a personal conversation. Central to the design process was addressing the key concerns that users across CUNY communicated to us. A series of in-depth conversations were held with principal investigators, employees, and grants officers to learn what was important to them and what they needed in a well-designed website.

The website’s design addresses two overarching user goals shared with the design firm when interviews were conducted:

  • Complete a task quickly
  • Learn about a topic/subject easily

Rather than display information by department, the structure of the website has been organized by a user’s role and the topics a user would need in order to understand and/or perform a business process.

PIs have access to information organized according to the topics they need most, including:

  • Pre-award Resources
  • Manage an Award
  • Procurement
  • Travel

Employees have access to information organized according to the topics they need most, including:

  • Benefits
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Timesheets

Key Features

  • Easy to navigate roadmaps based on a user’s profile
    • Search for information, resources, and tools by role or business function
  • Streamlined content
    • All information users need to know about a specific  business function is contained within a single web page. This includes FAQs, key contacts, and related links
  • Unrestricted access to content
    • All informational web pages are available to all users without a login (login is still required to access on-line systems)
  • Responsive design that works well on all desktop and mobile devices
    • Compatible with iOS and Android

Documents & Forms Redesigned

Documents and forms have been redesigned to be consistent with the font architecture of the site and many of the forms are now fillable on line (the information within the forms has not been changed). The Find Documents & Forms landing page lists all items intuitively, by category rather than department.

What Hasn’t Changed

  • Credentials specific to a user’s role (principal investigator, employee, grants officer, project administrator, etc.)
  • Login access to the electronic tools and services upon which users depend (e-Services, Calendar, Timesheets, etc.)

We Value Your Input

The website is a constant work in progress and changes will continue as the site evolves.

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