Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Plans

American Family Life Assurance Company of NY (AFLAC) supplemental and voluntary plans are available to all Full-time and Part-time A employees. AFLAC is not intended to replace and/or change the health, life and long-term disability plans currently offered by RFCUNY. Policies are wholly owned by the employee. RFCUNY allows premiums to be deducted through payroll. Enrollment, cancellation, or changes must be approved and processed through AFLAC.

Disability Income Protector Plan

A supplemental short-term disability insurance benefit providing additional income while managing illness or disability. Premiums may be paid on a pre-tax or post-tax basis. Limitation and exclusions apply.

Accident Advantage Plan

The plan provides financial incentives to help with expenses incurred due to an unexpected injury. Premiums are paid on a pre-tax basis only.

Hospital Choice Plan (Due to Accident/Illness/Maternity)

In the event of hospitalization, the Hospital Choice Plan provides financial incentives for the confinement period. This plan applies to daily hospital confinement, rehabilitation facility stay, or emergency room admittance. Premiums are paid on a pre-tax basis only.

Cancer Care

The plan is intended to provide financial assistance in the event of a cancer diagnosis. This supplemental benefit provides cancer diagnosis benefits, cancer treatment benefits, hospitalization benefits, continuing care benefits, ambulance, transportation, lodging and other expenses related to diagnosis or treatment. Premiums are paid on a pre-tax basis only.

Other Considerations

Online enrollment in voluntary supplemental plans is made through AFLAC directly. An Aflac Representative may be contacted for details, questions, or to schedule an in-person consultation at the employee’s work location.

Plan rates are set by AFLAC and subject to the terms and agreements set forth by AFLAC.

AFLAC plans are wholly owned and paid for by the policy owner as of their effective date. If the participant (employee) leaves RFCUNY employment, lose eligibility to participate, or RFCUNY discontinues offering these plans, the participant (employee) may continue with the policy through contract directly with AFLAC. 

All claims are managed directly by AFLAC ensuring complete confidentiality. RFCUNY's sole involvement with the AFLAC plans is to administer the payroll deductions with which plan premiums are paid. None of the benefits or policies stated herein are intended to be contractual in nature. They do not confer any right or privilege, but are informational only. RFCUNY retains the absolute right to amend or terminate any benefit or policy at any time.

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