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Esther Levy - Emalinda McSpadden .

Social Worker - Assistant Professor

Office of Personal Counseling - Psychology, Bronx Community College
Get Psyched

Get Psyched is a peer support and career development program led by Ms. Levy and Professor McSpadden that received $50K in funding from the Van Ameringen Foundation for one year. Merging their complementary strengths, they designed a program for students pursuing careers in mental health, social work, human services, and psychology. Each semester 11 to13 students are selected to participate and receive paid training on a variety of mental health topics, peer support/advocacy, and career development. They complete an on-campus practicum by performing outreach and peer education activities. Program students are also trained to identify students in need of services and refer those students to personal counseling. Students who completed the program have returned to serve as mentors. “The program brings a preventative strategy to students and serves very functional and meaningful purposes on campus,” states McSpadden. “We provide students with the experiences that solidify and clarify the path they need to take to achieve their ultimate goal,” adds Levy.

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Research Foundation of The City University of New York
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